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Hi youtube! I’m micirox and this marks my first ever youtube video 😀


I’m so excited about this!
I’m a big fan of youtube and thought it would be nice to be even a small teeny tiny part of it.
So now without further ado, here is what you came for, My top 10 channels that make thinking fun!

These are based on 3 categories: Smartness, Attractiveness, And last but not the least, that it actually makes the other two irrelevant…

Obviously, this is a very subjective list. XD

 So Let’s get started!
On the 10th spot is…


alternate history hub thumbnail
John d. ruddy with bug eyed cartoon

 It’s a tie!!!

Now both of these channels are history related and the reason I put them together is I thought it would be really fun if they were somehow meshed together.

 World War 2 in 7 Minutes (6:11 – 6:34)

What if Nuclear Weapons never existed (1:13 – 1:45)

Smart banter along with the cute bug-eyed characters… So cute and awesome!

I’m pretty sure that would add some addictiveness points for me right there.
So actually these are the only history channels in this list, which made me realize that I guess I’m not as into history as I thought I was. But maybe you guys know of other good ones, do share them to me!

Now comes the 9th channel on our list…and that is…


veritasium logo

Now the reason why Veritasium is in 9th place is that compared to the other channels on this list, it has the most discovery channel kind of feel to it, which is not bad perse but I guess I’m not as into that at this moment in time. But it’s still really fun. He goes to all these little field trips and we get to tag along.

Jetpack Rocket Science (0:12- 0:21)

Word’s Roundest Object (0:019- 0:38)

So not that high up, but he does score a lot on attractiveness, ‘cause let’s face it, Derek’s pretty cute. 

So moving on to number 8!


asap science logo

I like how ASAPscience would talk about science stuff that I feel can relate to me personally, like how much sleep do I need or how to scientifically study for an exam…but the thing I like most is how it’s all nicely illustrated, which makes the channel that much more interesting.

Early Birds vs Night Owls 

They talk about a wide range of science and a lot of them if not relevant to yourself, is relevant to the world you live in, so I’d highly recommend that you check them out.

Now on to the 7th spot!


vsauce logo with transparent background

A lot of you guys should have heard of this channel by now, I mean, Michael has more than 9 million subscribers. That’s like…
counts on fingers
A lot.

 I think the reason he’s so captivating is how he can talk about one topic and connect that to another disconnected topic altogether, topics you normally didn’t think could go together. It’s quite the gift of his actually.

So you can see for yourself, his the first video I ever saw of him:

Is Your Red The Same as My Red? 

Start – 0:18
0:52 – 1:05
2:06 – 2:27
5:12 – 5:46
6:16 – 6:42

So yeah…. If you didn’t’ watch it altogether, you wouldn’t know how he got there, which is why I very much encourage you to watch the whole video. I do think Michael is very smart and he can really make us think of stuff that we wouldn’t have asked about otherwise.

 Now on to number 6!


the school of life logo with transparent background or no background

How to Make an Attractive City 

I have to say, the voice behind these videos are oddly soothing, making you subconsciously agree with whatever point he’s trying to make.
I have to point out though that a lot of their thoughts can be seen as highly subjective, but they are still made from a very logical standpoint.

In this case, you can agree or disagree with whatever it is they are saying, but at least it gets you thinking.
I mean, it’s the “school of life”, if we knew the answer to life we wouldn’t all be stuck on this earth scrambling for finding the meaning of it.

 Wow, I got really philosophical for a second there. See what I mean?

 So on to number 5!


ted ed logo thumbnail

Why it’s so hard to cure HIV/AIDS – Janet Iwasa 

 As you might deduce from the title Ted-ed, stemmed out from ted, so you know that their topics are either very fun to know or highly relevant to society. Also, the videos are not just made by a single person or group, but many different people that are experts in their respective endeavors.

 These are really high quality and well illustrated videos that I’m really scratching my head as to why they just have over a million subscribers, they should have tons more, so let’s spread the word! And that goes with all the other great channels on this list!

On to number 4!
It’s another tie! Between

Minute Earth & Minute Physics!

minute earth logo with transparent background or no background
minute physics logo with transparent background or no background

The Biggest Organism on Earth

The True Science of Parallel Universes 

As you might have deduced, they come from the same developers, and I think I’ve also watched each and every episode of both channels.
I like the fun and upbeat tone of their videos, you can somehow feel from there how much love and effort they put into making these stick figures come to life.

I like how it’s drawn simply, but it’s also all they need to get their point across because they do it so well. 

And now we have arrived to our top 3!!
Has your favorite educational channel made it to the list so far? If not, then it’s possible they’re still up in the running! Isn’t that exciting!

So now it’s time to reveal that channel in the 3rd spot!


in a nutshell - kurzfesagt logo with transparent background

Formerly called Kurzgesagt, yeah I know, I can’t say it, and they actually changed their name because of that, well not just me, but because a lot of people literally can’t say it.

 We have a new name – In a Nutshell (Start- 0:32)

So they opted to change their name to the English translation, In a Nutshell.

 What Is Life? Is Death Real? 

They make such thoughtful and high quality animation that you wouldn’t think that it was just made by a handful of people, but I guess if you are really passionate about your craft then it shines through.

And don’t forget about those cute little birds they have on their videos, where you can also get one if you support them on Patreon.

 Now it’s getting real close, we are up to my second favorite smart channel on youtube! And the runner up is….


vlogbrothers logo with transparent background or no background

Yeah I know, I know, it’s not really an educational channel perse, and it can get kinda silly, but it also feels like it’s what youtube is all about and it’s still pretty smart. I have to say these qualities altogether make them go up high my addictiveness scale.

 I actually came across this channel while on a “Greek debt” youtube information binge, which I’m sure you guys have done at least once before on other maybe more interesting topics.

 The Greek Debt Crisis Explained in Four Minutes  (1:50-2:06)

I thought it was really well explained, and it was later on that I realized that John Green here is the author behind popular books such as looking for Alaska, Paper Town, and the Fault in our stars. I thought that was pretty cool.

 The other half of this channel is his brother Hank Green, and he also talks about a lot of smart topics, but every now and again comes the silly parts.

 Translating Dance Songs 

Without which wouldn’t make Vlogbrothers what it’s all about!

 Now we’re at the final leg, the top spot on our list. Let’s see if your guess is right.

 Drumroll please.


CGP Grey logo thumbnail

The Law You Won’t Be Told 

 I have actually watched every single one of CGP Grey episodes, and my only complaint is he doesn’t upload more frequently! But I can definitely understand how hard it take to make the vidoes that he does all on his own.

 I think CGP Grey has this unique overall style and quality to it. It’s simple, yet you know it’s well thought out and painstakingly made. I would believe he has a very strong following, and to top it all off he even has a recognizable stick figure, and that’s pretty cool.

 So there you have it, my top 10 favorite smart channels. Do you agree with my very subjectively list? Do you have other channels that you think should have made the list? Please share them with me so I could also enjoy them! There’s definitely plenty of room for more smart channels on the internet.

So that’s it. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please don’t forget to subscribe so you can be updated when I make more.

This is MiciROX, and see you next time! 😀