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Every girl deserves a Cinderella happily ever after, and this goes to show that happy endings don’t just happen in cartoons.

Now with this list, I thought it was an opportune time to say that I’m super excited for the newest Cinderella Story: If The Shoe Fits, that is coming this 2017. Sofia Carson is playing our heroine and she looks so talented over here. It seems like she’s doing some sort of Hanna Montana mystery talented girl in disguise over here, while her prince is clueless. I can’t wait! I just love a good Cinderella story, and I have high hopes for this one. Especially since her prince is pretty cute.

Well, since we have to wait like many more months until that time we can see that, I guess we have to settle for some past renditions of the age old fairy tale.

10. 13 GOING ON 30

So let’s start off with this flick where an uncool 13 year old girl, after some magic dust, suddenly wakes up into the future as a fully grown 30 year old woman. She was nothing like her old self– she is now beautiful, has a great career, has a famous boyfriend, she’s admired (or envied) by many…
She has everything she ever wanted, but is this the life she really wanted?
Sure she was voted prom queen and had the coolest friends all throughout the life she doesn’t remember, but at what expense?? You know where this is getting into!

Now she not only has to save her career and get back at her bitch of a “best friend” who betrayed her, but also win back the one guy who accepted her for who she was all along.

In a sense, I think this is a story about a Cinderella girl, who realized getting the cute boy and all that fancy stuff wasn’t all that it was cut out to be.


Now our girl wants to be a reporter, but to do that she must first work for Runway, a high fashion magazine that can pretty much open all these doors for her. In the process, she transforms from this hopelessly unstylish down to earth girl into figuring out what pair of stilettos goes best with a Chanel handbag, and look positively stunning in it.
I personally think this is a more realistic take on the Cinderella transformation story. Sometimes it doesn’t happen just like that, and to achieve anything in this world, you have to work hard at it.


Here we have a classic modern rendition of a Cinderella who is forced to hide behind the shadows while someone else uses her voice. Isn’t it super hard when you see your prince just fall for the wrong girl?! I’m sure many of you might have had that same experience. Well, since this is a Cinderella story, you just know she’ll come on top of this one way or another and you’ll just have to watch how she hits the right notes on this one.


Daphne never knew her dad, but her mom would always tell her all sorts of stories of how they met and what a wonderful man he is. Determined to meet the father that she has been wishing to appear in front of her every time she blows out her candles, she finally packed her bags and went on her way to London, to find out that her dad is actually Lord Henry Dashwood, a high profile politician.
You can bet this means a sweet brand new lifestyle befitting a Cinderella, with unlimited credit card access to boot!

So you meet a guy that seems really obnoxious and misguided at first, but is actually a real sweetie inside and even knows Shakespeare. So normally you fall in love, hook up, and live happily ever after right? Well, not necessarily. Well you see, he’s also actually the Price of Denmark…
When I watched this, I thought this guy and her story was just too good to be true, but hey, that’s a Cinderella story for you.

Quite a transformation I must say, the hooker turned socialite, not bad. This goes to show that not everyone is like how you make them out to be. Even a hooker can have class and style, given the right credit card from her billionaire boss. That’s a Cinderella turned lifestyle for you.


It’s another Cinderella story with a twist! Our dashing prince is this popular dancer and singer that young Mary has been crushing on since forever! Now that he transfers to her school, it just might be the time to show him that she has some pretty nifty dance moves that he can fall for as well.
I think their picks for the main characters were fantastic and I didn’t know Selena Gomez could dance that well. Admittedly, some parts were pretty cheesy, but overall I think it hit just the right points to make anyone giddy and rooting for our heroine.

So there is this teenage girl, worrying about bad hair, glasses, loserdom- the usual. That was when she found out that she was the only heir to the throne! Imagine the transformation that followed suit when she had to look the part. Goodbye bad hair days and loserville, hello royal treatment!
She’s definitely a modern day Cinderella, with a grandmother for a fairy god mother.


Now here is a modern version of the classic tale, with some slight changes. It’s in a highschool setting and instead of a glass slipper, she dropped her cellphone! Now her prince set up posters all over the school just to find that enchanting mystery girl from the dance! And did I say that her prince charming here is Chad Michael Murray, yeap, my thoughts exactly!

Now at the top spot is my favorite romantic comedy of all time (so maybe I’m biased). This was actually the one that inspired me to do this list. I love this one simply because it strayed somewhat from the original Cinderella story, but it still had Cinderella written all over it.

So there goes Laney, your usual geek with tied hair and glasses. She then became the target of a bet that entailed Zack to turn her into a prom queen; and what a transformation! She became geek to popular in like two seconds with her hair cut and her eyes lensed. A Cinderella transformation (in everyone else’s eyes at least) if you ever saw one!

So yeah, that’s my Top 10 Cinderella Themed Chick Flicks / Romantic Comedy of all time. What do you think? Agree or Disagree? Do you have any other flicks that you think should have made the list? I’m sure that there are others I haven’t heard of, do enlighten me!