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Michelle Co

Welcome to my creative inner world! A portfolio of fun ideas and personal projects.  


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Treat or Treat

Muni Reality

Pizza Party with my Roomie

Love is more of Incidents



My father has written quotes all his life, which stemmed from random musings and his love of putting them succinctly into words. 

‘WilQuote’ represents his life’s work, the summation of the many quotes and poetry he has made throughout his lifetime. 

I belive in my father’s writing, so here I am collating and spreading the word. 

Bunster and Hariet

A webcomic about the inner workings of a teenage girl’s brain, interpreted in the form of two adorable bunnies! 

Discover a whole new set of misadventures while our heroine navaigates her way through the real world— all the while continuing to live inside her own head. 

Mindfully Lazy

 I’ve never been the type to just straightforwardly do a task. I would always try to find some sort of shortcut in my quest to avoid doing more work than I literally actually have to. Read about my journey in becoming more mindfully lazy. 


Romantic quotes and poetry for your reading pleasure.

Go on, heave a read. 



My quest to be a Digital Nomad. 

Here you will find me learning about the ins and outs of  the internet and eveything digital – From SEO to Animation to UX Design.

Gotta start the journey somewhere. 

Into Do List

Check out the media I’m into, from Audiobooks to movies! You won’t get bored with this list!



London, United Kingdom